Friday, 4 February 2011

Save Libraries: Cambridge Action

Two Save Libraries events are happening in Cambridge tomorrow:
Save our libraries day, Saturday 5 Febraury 2011

Both events are family-friendly ways of showing that we value libraries.  The flashmob is the brainchild of Emma Coonan, who's put together a list of resources, general and specific.

If you can't make it to either of those, remember that you can still show you support for libraries by:
  1. Going to your local library. If you're not already a member take some ID with your name and address on it so that you can join up. Borrow some books or CDs or DVDs, or read the newspapers and magazines, or use the PCs and/or wifi there.
  2. Visiting your library webpages and use the online resources - you can look things up in the OED, for example.
ETA: Here are two write-ups of the Cambridge event, by Andy Priestner and Annie Johnson.


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