Sunday, 20 March 2011

Blowing my own trumpet

'Inside trumpet' by Nick-K (Nikos Koutoulas) on Flickr
Yesterday did go with a bang.  460+ people came to the Old Library exhibition, and the three talks had splendid audiences, both in numbers and in enthusiasm.  Before I packed up and left last night I went through the evaluation forms that visitors submitted, and I can't resist sharing this comment about my Hoyle talk and exhibition with the world:
The talk was beautifully structured and professionally & enthusiastically delivered. The 10 objects were inspirational. Thanks for all the painstaking effort and passion.
Owing to a few technical difficulties, the recording of my talk is sadly currently unavailable, but you can see the ten objects in this online exhibition.


  1. Congrats Katie. Glad it went so well. Good luck in the new post!

  2. Well done Katie! I love the 10 Objects you chose and how you're presented them - perfect.

  3. Thank you both. Choosing the objects was *really* hard - there were certain areas of Hoyle's life I wanted to cover, and I wanted the objects to be mainly things that hadn't had much previous attention. But I also wanted at least some of them to be visually striking - a lot of things to balance!

    People have responded to them with great enthusiasm, though, so I'm very pleased and relieved.