Saturday, 9 July 2011

#cam23, Things 5 and 6: screenshots and -casting

Thing 5
When I'm making screenshots I usually use the tried-and-tested method of hitting 'printscreen' and then editing the image in whatever image software I have handy.  But LightShot certainly looks useful, and I've bookmarked it for further reference.

Thing 6
 'Learn more about screencasting' has been on my to-do list since before Christmas, so many thanks to cam23 for giving me the impetus to get on with it.  I found screencast-o-matic very easy to use, and it didn't have any hilarious but alarming consequences such as the Wallace-and-Gromit-style name might imply!  My only complaint would be that it made the computer a little slow to run, but that's probably an old PC issue as much as anything.
Cambridge Library TeachMeet logo
In order to get a little practice, I've ticked another thing off my to-do list, one that I added around the time of the first Cambridge Library TeachMeet, in September last year. That evening someone asked me how I'd made the camlibtm logo, and suggested I blog about it.  I never got round to it, but here, at long last, is a tutorial on how to create that sort of logo.  The tutorial uses GIMP; the original logo was actually created in Photoshop, but the principles are the same.

I didn't script this in advance - I just had a practice run-though in GIMP to check I knew what I wanted to do, and a brief trial with screencast-o-matic to check it worked the way I expected. So please forgive the rough edges!

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  1. Great screenshot :) I haven't had a go yet but I'm sure mine will be full of ums and ers (if I can even find my microphone that is!) and nowhere near as smooth as this!