Friday, 5 August 2011

#cpd23, Thing 8: Google Calendar

I have so very little to say on this subject. Very little indeed. So I've included a lovely picture of a medieval manuscript, courtesy of the Walters Art Museum's Flickr stream. Hold your mouse over the picture for more information.

Calendar for August from a thirteenth-century psalter produced in the diocese of Augsburg.  Illuminated, and decorated with images of a tonsured man and a young woman, representing the astrological sign virgo. Walters Art Museum, MS W.78, fol. 6v.
Walters Art Museum, MS W.78, fol. 6v
I do have a Google calendar, in which I post a few occasional reminders (has the Council Tax money transferred itself? Don't forget that cool ehxibition ends next week). I have a couple of shared calendars (cpd23, TeachMeet), I'm aware of the book due dates sidget doo-dah from our Library (instructions here) - I see the use of all this, I really do.  But I don't have sufficient tech upon my person that an online calendar is more useful than a small diary I carry around with me.

That being said, there's no doubting that for an organisation, Google Calendar is a good way to share events, or for a group of people organising something - once the date/time/place are agreed, only one person needs to input the info and it will synch automatically to everyone's diary.  That ought to stamp out 'oh, I thought we said Tuesday...' and its ilk.


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