Monday, 7 March 2016

John Dee gifs part the second

Following the success of the John-Dee-inspired gifs I put together for #musgif day in October 2015, our publicist asked if I could make a few more to use in the promotion for 'Scholar, courtier, magician'. So I duly obliged.

I was quite blown away by how popular all of the gifs were, and with the fulsome praise and enthusiasm they received especially among the early modern history crowd on Twitter.

They were picked up by various media outlets, too.It wasn't such a surprise to see one crop up on Hyperallergic, but New scientist used them, too. Pretty cool. (Although, if I'm honest, the fact-checking in that December 2015 article leaves a something to be desired. The more recent review is rather better, but gif-less, seeing as it went out in print.)

The gifs are successful because they fun to watch and because they add something to the understanding and experience of the books and painting by showing things you can't see from a photograph or from seeing the static item on display.

Watch this space for a post or two about how I did the photo editing on Dee's over-written signature and how I made the gifs.


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