Wednesday, 28 July 2010

TeachMeet is coming

(lib)TeachMeet Cambridge is coming - save the evening of Monday 27 September 2010
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TeachMeets are informal gatherings, or 'unconferences', which have thus far been organised and attended by teachers in various locations across the UK. The aim of a TeachMeet is to share ideas in an informal, productive way. Participants give 7 or 2 minute presentations in any format they like, with the emphasis on interaction between presenters and audience.

Inspired by 23 Things Cambridge, a group of Cam23-ers* have decided to organise a TeachMeet for librarians. On the evening of 27 September 2010 (around 5pm-7pm) we'll be getting together at a venue to be arranged, with laptops, phones, pens and paper, and brains at the ready for a couple of hours of discussions and new ideas.

Anyone with a library connection is welcome, university or no, Cam23-er or no. You can present about anything that fits into the topic "techie tools and teching tips" - it needn't be one of the Things, or a high-tech Web 2.0 doo-dah. So long as you think it's interesting then you'll be very welcome.


...Have you got a library widget, gadget or tool that's been a roaring success and you want the world to know? Are you trying out something new and looking for input as you develop it? Did you try something that went horribly wrong, and want to save us the same agonies?

If you think you can express your new library initiative through the medium of interpretive dance (or something a little more prosaic), or you'd just like to watch someone try, we'd love to hear from you. Comment on this blog post (or one of the others), tweet with the hastag #camlibtm, or sign yourself up (as participant or observer) on the wiki (still a work in progress).

*The #camlibtm team are:
Isla (Musings of a medical librarian | @ilk21)
Niamh (N Page | @niamhpage)
Chris (The Lizard Lounge | @libchris)
Celine (Thing blogging | @cjclib)
and me


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