Friday, 9 July 2010


Raspberry Cocktail by Kenny Hindgren on Flickr
Inspired by Isla's post about TeachMeet some Cam23-ers are going to meet up to have a think about organising something TeachMeet-y for Cambridge librarians. If you're interested please say: you can sign up to the Doodle poll of meeting times, comment on Isla's post, tweet, email, or in some other way indicate your willingness to get involved!

P.S. There have been murmurs of having glasses of something to help get the creative (and planning) juices flowing!

P.P.S The date has been decided as Tuesday 27 July 2010, meeting at 8pm at CB2 Bistro, Norfolk Street, Cambridge. Google Calendar link for those who want it:


  1. Ah, great, I will pencil it in on my (paper) calendar at home. I'll be just returned from rainy Scotland, look out for my tan!


  2. Great. Best beware what you say about Scotland to Isla!

  3. Good stuff, see you there!

  4. Will put it on my Google Calander ;)
    See you there