Friday, 21 January 2011

What's your name? Now in pictures


In a comment to my previous post about non-librarian job titles, Nicola Franklin suggested I put the titles into Wordle to see what sort of cloud it made.  Ever one to please my readers, that's just what I've done.

You can see in the cloud to the left that, to no-one's surprise, 'information' is by far and away the most common word to occur.  So common, in fact, that few of the other words are legible.  I took information out of the mix in the second cloud to the right, and you can see that 'learning' and 'knowledge' both rate quite highly, as do 'specialist', 'resource' and 'advisor'.  I think it's quite a nice summary of some of the things librarians/info-pros do.


  1. How many librarians are "Officers?" Gosh, I should have been looking out for their medals ... or maybe I should have been saluting a few?

  2. You'd think that there'd be all sorts of parades of them on important days, wouldn't you?