Sunday, 11 November 2012

#cpd23 Thing 18: Jing / screen capture / podcasts

After a long absence, I'm back on the cpd23 bandwagon, rushing to complete in time for the 30th November certificate deadline.  I've done some of this Thing before: I made a screencast about using the GIMP image-editing programme last year.

I've taken a particularly special collections angle on the Thing this time round, and considered the value of audio and video for promoting understanding of rare books, manuscripts and other interesting holdings.  This is something that, for example, the Bodleian Library does with its exhibitions, making curator videos about star exhibits and themes.

I've also recently rediscovered Gresham College, which gives public lectures on a wide range of themes.  They do a really good job of having streaming and downloadable video and audio, and transcriptions, accessible on their website.  See, for example, Dr Peter Ross' lecture 'The Historical Collections of the Guildhall Library'.

Inspired by these, I've put together a short video about medieval manuscript calendars.  I'm not a specialist medievalist, so if you find any errors please do let me know!  I've made it available in lots of different formats, listed below.  Please let me know if any don't work properly.

You can view the whole manuscript I use as an example--St Gallen MS Cod. Sang. 402--via the e-codices Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland.

And I've collected together other examples of manuscript calendar pages over here on Pinterest.

Download mp4 video here

Watch YouTube video:

Download mp3 audio here

Listen to mp3 audio:

Transcription (download pdf here):


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