Tuesday, 20 November 2012

#cpd23 Thing 23: What next?

Right. My cpd23 six-word story is definitely: "shouldn't have taken me so long".  But, at long last, I'm up to the last thing: looking forward.

Having some sort Professional Development Plan is definitely a good idea.  I've yet to work out how best to manage it for myself.  I don't really like the PPDP format used in Chartership, although that's maybe because the whole Chartership procedure feels artificial to me.  I do know that I'll be needing a plan seeing as I'm starting a new job soon.  But I can't really do much on it until I have my feet under the desk.  I do already know that an improved knowledge of RDA and of the history of medicine are needed.  The former I'm addressing by watching this webinar, the latter by watching #histmed tweets.

I'll set myself a target to have a plan written by the end of January. That will give me a little time to work out what it is I need to know.


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