Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Thing 3: "Let us listen to the moon"

Welcome, Internet, to my blog! I've set this up as part of the 23 Things Cambridge programme - a programme introducing University of Cambridge college and departmental library staff to Web 2.0.

I suppose that I've been a consumer of Web 2.0 for some time, reading a few blogs (mainly about knitting and cooking), having a 'facebook presence', and using Flickr for my personal photographs. This involvement has been mainly passive; I've not been creating much public content nor commenting on other people's content. My reluctance to engage more online has sprung from my not having anything particular to say (and a fear of ending up like this stereotype), so 23 Things is (I hope) the ideal programme for me.

I like structure, so having a couple of set Things to investigate each week suits me fine. The framing notion that we're investigating them with regard to their usefulness for libraries is also good - it makes this seem less like 'tinkering about', and more like a productive enterprise. I hope to learn lots of practical skills, but also to have a much better idea about which gadets are best for what.

From my brief Thing-encounters so far I'm not sure that I'll find it easy to keep to thinking about library relevance, so hopefully the 23 Things blog will keep reminding me to do that!


  1. Oh I love that cartoon. I had actually been trying to think of reasons to include it in my own blog but you've beaten me to it!

  2. There's no reason that you can't include it too!

  3. I sense a Cam23 XKCD wave about to happen - like the Aleksander Orlov wave of the past week!