Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Things 1 and 2: "A surfeit of the sweetest things"

This post is a veritable feat of Things, as for Thing 4 we're blogging about our experience doing Things 1 and 2. Up later there'll be a post about doing Thing 4. Hopefully that won't be followed with a post about posting about doing Thing 4, because that might get a bit silly...

Things 1 and 2 were setting up, building and adding RSS feeds to an iGoogle page.

My iGoogle page header
Here's the header of my iGoogle 23 Things tab. It might look a bit familiar as I've customised the iGoogle page and this blog in similar ways. Being able to customize the look of tools makes a big difference to me. I've never liked using default or standard designs for my computer desktop, for example, and with these tools I don't really feel like using them unless I like the way they look.

I've set up a number of different tabs - home, work, chartership and 23 Things - to reflect the different sorts of resources I use for different things. I've been mindful of the comment that the gadets can take a while to load, so I'll be trying to keep the number of gadets on each page quite low. It's not necessarily easy to divide everything neatly into boxes; like the Mongoose Librarian, I'd count myself as one of the "people who like to compartmentalise their lives", but I also agree with Lottie at Adventures of a Librarian that it's all a bit more complicated than that.

I'll probably soon add a tab (or tabs) for all my personal, non-work interests - the list of sites I like to check frequently is getting longer and longer and worthwhile causes keep getting forgotten. I really ought to try out Google Reader keeping track of the numerous blogs I follow; it seems to be what many people use, but it somehow feels a bit like cheating to let a tool like that do that hard work of checking for me!

One of my tabs is ominously labelled 'Chartership' as this is where I'm keeping the sort of feeds that I've promised in my PPDP that I'll read, inwardly digest, and maybe even comment on. I've also added a bookmark to the CILIPfuture Netvibes page, and used the Feedcombine tool it uses to create a combined feed from the CILIP Conversation blog and the communities forums in the same tab. This is as much investigation of Netvibes that I've done, but it does look like a very useful tool for bringing together lots of sources in one place and I'll be back to look at it some more.

In my 23 Things tab I've included the press release feed from the British Library and the Library of Congress main blog feed. The LoC has several blogs and even more news services, covering all its areas of work, and I was quite tempted to add them all. But, discretion being the better part of valour, I've just signed up for one and will see if I actually read it before I sign up for any more. I'm also going to keep a look out for other, smaller, blogging libraries to see how they use a blog and whether I think it's effective.

Finally, I'm using the To Do List gadget to note down ideas and things to mention in blog posts. So if I'm getting a bit verbose, then blame iGoogle!


  1. I like the look of your igoogle page very much. I would definitely investigate bloglines for a way to keep track of all your feeds in one place. I look forward to your next posts!

  2. Thanks Lottie! I'm looking forward to having time to read your blog more thoroughly.