Wednesday, 30 June 2010

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Screenshot of post footer

Over a lovely picnic lunch with some other Cam23-ers today, it was mentioned that it wasn't clear how to change the 'posted by' name at the end of Blogger posts.  I've dug around a bit, and think I've worked it out, so here are some instructions for anyone who's interested (feel free to share the link).

1) Go to and log in, or navigate your way to the Blogger dashboard in any other way you like.
2) Look for the 'edit profile' option on the left-hand side, and click on it. (Click on any of these screenshots to see them bigger.)
Screenshot of Blogger dashboard
3) Scroll down a bit on the new page until you reach the 'identity' section, and then look for the 'display name' option.
Screenshot of Blogger profile editing page
4) Type in the display name you would like, and then scroll right to the bottom of the page and click 'save profile'.

Hope this helps!

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