Monday, 9 August 2010

Crowdsourcing: favourite Cam23 moment?

Dear all,

I've volunteered to write a piece for the Cambridge Universtiy Libraries Information Bulletin (CULIB) about 23 Things Cambridge, and I'm looking for material. Please submit in the comments anything you think might be worthy of mention in a general summing-up article [and that doesn't fit into the Cam23 awards categories (voting opens later this week, I hear)] - funniest post or comment, most thought provoking post or Thing, favourite blog title, prettiest blog, how Cam23 has changed your life... Anything you think I didn't ought to overlook.

Many thanks!



  1. Hi Katie,

    Some of those elements you mention will be blog award categories so will be shared at the closing ceremony. Voting will open later this week. When is your deadline for the piece?


  2. Ah yes - how could I have forgotten? Deadline is 'mid-September', so I can easily wait until after the closing ceremony.

  3. It has to be the sense of community it has created, I think a lot more people feel part of a collective of librarians now.