Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Eye spy...

I've just worked my way through my CILIP publications backlog, and the following articles particularly caught my eye:
Photograph of a toucan's head showing one eye.
'Toucan bird' by doug88888 on Flickr
Not sure if this is of interest to anyone reading, but it's useful for me to record what I've read.


  1. You probably do this already but you can get a weekly digest of information news as a CILIP member by going to:

  2. Thanks Suzan - I am signed up for those, but it's quite possible that other people reading this don't know about them. I particularly like the monthly international news round up.

  3. I found your post very helpful. I get the CILIP weekly digest as well but sometimes I just skim read it. I tend to "file" my copy of the gazette most weeks (bad me), so your post has kept me up to date with the library world- thanks!!

  4. I would definitely give LinkedIn a try...I find it a really useful resource.

    I go to CILIP Members Day most years - the sessions in the morning are great!

  5. Tina, thanks for the recommendations. From what I've seen about the Members Day (http://www.cilip.org.uk/whats-on/pages/members-day-and-agm.aspx) the only session I can see is the presidential address, and that's after lunch. Am I looking in the wrong place for morning sessions?