Friday, 6 August 2010

Thing 20: "...write a ballad of this dream"

Google docs is quite easy to write about (hurrah - writing marketing was really hard work).

Wot? Not that sort of Docs?
Plus points:
  • Sharing documents between people and locations
  • Online storage/backup
  • Pretty easy to use - helpful similarity of icons and menus to Other Leading Word Processing Software
  • All the sharers need to have Google accounts, and not everyone wishes to hand over all aspects of their life to the Evil Empire.
  • Security/copyright issues and worries surrounding Cloud Computing .
  • To share with people you need to know what email account they use for their Google account. (We've been sharing camlibtm documents via Google docs, and discovering that the email addresses we use for preference for correspondence are not those that we use for our Google logins.)  But once they're in your contacts, they're there, so that's only really a one-time problem.
  • Not as many features available as in some Other Leading Word Processing Software
Useful but not life changing.

Library relevance:
Handy for staff on multiple sites.

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  1. good stuff, through and through GirlInTheMoon - also like that you can turn docs into PDFs, which can be handy.