Thursday, 19 August 2010

"When all is done"

With apologies to E.J. Thribb

Word cloud of the 23 Things posts on this blog

So. Farewell

You taught us
About Web 2.0
And social media.

"Blog things,"
You said.

"Use, try, post"
Is what we did.

G.I.T. Moon (23½)


  1. Thanks. Realised as I posted that I should have done a crescent moon. D'oh! But the teapot's rather attractive, I think.

  2. oh that's fabulous! What a great end.

    Use, try, post. Indeed.

  3. Love your tea pot! And the whole blog. You have definitely deserved a nice cuppa!

  4. Thank you Revelation. I could just do with a cuppa (and a biscuit).

  5. Lotusflower directed me to you as I could not get Wordle to play for Thing23 and she noticed you had used Tagexdo. Loving the teapot! Can I ask did you have to install a thing called Microsoft Silver light to get the site to run? Just feeling a little nervous about running an exe file on my PC as have had trouble with Spyware recently. Any advice gratefully received!

  6. Hello CFB,

    Yes - I used Tagxedo, for which you do need MS Silverlight. The PC I was using wasn't my usual one, and already had Silverlight installed, so I took the opportunity to try out Tagxedo. Silverlight seems to be a Microsoft equivalent to Flash, which is the gizmo you need to make Worlde to work.

    You should be fine running the Silverlight exe if you get it from the link on the website.