Thursday, 26 August 2010

I saw the Clangers!

Yesterday I was in London (more on that to follow) and to fill some time in the afternoon I visited the Cartoon Museum. The current special exhibition there is 'Toy Tales: Highlights from Favourite British Children's Animation', which includes (amongst others) actual Clangers, a real Bagpuss, and the cut-out figures used in Noggin the Nog and Ivor the Engine.  It's wonderful and you should go.

You'll have to go quickly, though, because the exhibition ends on 5 September.  If you are going to London in the next few days, I heartily recommend a visit.

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  1. I loved Ivor the Engine, shame I won't get to see it, and I didn't realise there was a Cartoon Museum, I must be living under a rock...

  2. The Carton Museum is very new - it opened in 2006. It's small(ish), but brilliant, and well worth supporting. Next exhibition is 'Fougasse: Careless Talk Costs Lives', an exhibition of
    classic wartime poster designs and cartoons by Fougasse. It runs from Thursday 9th September to Sunday 21st November. As well as special exhibitions it has standing galleries of historical and recent cartoons.