Wednesday, 11 August 2010

News in brief

Photograph of a stack of newspapers by DRB62 on Flickr
A stack of newspapers by DRB62 on Flickr
  • The UL's Sassoon Project blog has an interesting post about their outreach work to secondary schools. I'm pleased to see the UL trying this out, and am hoping that we can pick each other's brains about schools outreach, as it's something to which the Hoyle Project is actively committed.
  • (This one's important) Cambridgeshire Libraries are undergoing a Service Review in advance of making budget cuts, and you can contribute to the review by completing the survey and/or attending a public meeting (full details of which are available in this press release). If you're in Cambridgeshire, fill in the form and tell your friends.
  • I went on a visit to the lovely University Medical Library this morning, and had a most informative and (chartership alert) evaluation friendly and future-performance influencing tour from the lovely medical librarians.  I shall write that up in full soon.
  • Don't forget to sign up for camlibtm. We've added a new section for those who want to come to the post-match TeachEat, too. Add your name if you want to have a drink and a bit to eat to carry on the conversations afterwards, and let us know if you know somewhere good for us to go!


  1. Yes to the survey-- fill it out. In particular, the direct link is here.

    For those who can't be bothered, this is the kind of question it asks:
    -Which of the following services would you be prepared to pay a reasonable charge to use?
    -Would you be willing to support your local library by volunteering to help in any of the following types of activity: (If yes, please supply your contact details below) * general volunteering, e.g. assisting customers, shelving books

  2. Josh, thanks for highlighting the direct survey link and the sort of questions it asks. Thought the link was clear in that press release, but actually there's another one (without the consultation times) that has it. I've added it to the main post now, for clarity.

  3. Many thanks for your response to my Sassoon blog post. Have just been having a look at the St John's Educational Resource pages, and am astounded that you're able to do so much - it's really exciting! Would love to talk to you about what you've achieved - we are very much at the experimental stage here.

  4. Littlespark - I sent an email that will hopeful reach you via John Wells yesterday (I can't fathom out any contact info for you), but you can also contact me at maedchenimmond at gmail if that doesn't turn up.

    The Educational Resources at St John's have built up over time - it wasn't an all at once sort of thing, and most of them weren't me, either.